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Welcome to Respectful and Effective Parenting

A Warm Welcome to Parents,Cindy

I’m glad you found me!

Children change very quickly, and our window to make a difference in the life of the three to six year old child flies by.   I know you really want to get this parenting thing right.  For their sake of course, but also for yours.  As with all important things in life, you want to look back with no regrets.  There is some urgency to have strong parenting skills in place early on. Parenting support is an important piece of your puzzle.

Let me just start off by saying your child holds your heart in the palm of their hand.  It will always be there, but there is probably no other time when it will be so proudly displayed as it is between the ages of three and six years old.  You are a hero, and an important source of knowledge and love.

As for me, I am a mom of two sons, a grandmother, and a devoted student of children.  As a Montessori educator for more than 25 years in Colorado, I have been showered with rich and profound lessons from all of the children in my life and each of their parents.

Then, as a Montessori teacher trainer for eight years, I was entrusted with the hope and tender hearts of young adults who wanted to make the world a better place for our children. The commitment they gave their rigorous training would make your hearts sing.

My intention for this blog, Bird’s Eye View, is to create an informative and supportive place that helps remind us of the fact that every three to six year old child is in a unique and golden place in their development. What is even better is that you are in a unique and golden position to launch them into the world with deep appreciation for their authentic nature.  I honestly believe that understanding your child’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual yearnings is the most important way you can champion their growth.

I believe that the next generation is in need.  I want to find ways to support all of the adults who want to tune out the media that target their children for profit. I want to share useful information about the genius of young children.  I want to give children brave and prepared parents and teachers who make their decisions based on nothing less than their children.

So, if you would like to learn more about Respectful and Effective Ways to Nurture the 3-6 Year Old’s Unique Brain and Heart, stay with me.  You are in a good parenting place.

Here’s to Resilient and Loving Children!