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5 Reasons Block Building Matters

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 by

Tegu Helicopter

“Creativity is connecting things.”  Steve Jobs

Quite simply, building with blocks is the ultimate science investigation: trial, error, adjust, repeat.  Even better than that, the mental, social, and physical growth that occurs with building is much more fun than work! 

5 Great Tips and Benefits for Block Building

Tip 1:  Get down on the floor and build with your child.  Demonstrate strategies and challenge each other.   Builds motor skills.
Tip 2:  Combine block play with stories and props.  Get out the toy cars, animals and people.  Builds imagination.
Tip 3:  Use pictures or drawings of buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels for inspiration.  Builds problem solving.
Tip 4:  Use adjectives and prepositions as you build.  “I am putting the yellow triangle behind the blue cylinder.”  Builds language acquisition.
Tip 5:  Taking turns and listening to anothers ideas are great skills to practice.  Builds social skills.

My current block crush is Tegu.  They really matter!

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